3DExperience 2022 – Scenario and Results Visualization

We have discussed quite a bit about modeling and simulation in an integrated environment. However, our discussions have been on pre-processing side only. Lets discuss in this blog article how rich a designer based environment can be for visualizing and editing simulation results.

Scenario Apps Enhancements

Sequential Simulations:

  • Thermal-Stress analysis: This is usually a sequential chain simulation with thermal simulation followed by structural simulation. The app has been enhanced to start stress analysis from any step or increment of thermal analysis instead of the last increment only. 2021xFD03

Restart enhancement: Earlier the read/write data was limited to the last increment of the last step. Now both write and read options include intervals and increment control. Moreover, restart is now possible in explicit analysis. 2021xFD05.

Substructure Modeling:

  • Defined substructure component can be used in a simulation without exposing the design of whole system. Substructure generation step includes modes and retained nodes. In the history tree it appears as a FEMRep. 2021xFD03

Linear Dynamics Enhancements:

  • Direct Harmonic Response: Calculates the response directly in terms of physical DOF’s instead of modes. So a preceding modal step is not required. Its more expensive but accurate in case of discrete damping and asymmetric stiffness matrix. Load cases are supported. 2021xFD04

Contact Enhancements:

  • Assignments: Beam support is included in general contact. Various assignments for feature edge criteria, surface thickness, vertex criteria and initialization have been introduced in general contact. 2021xFD04
  • Nomenclature: The master and slave have been replaced by master and secondary terms. 2021xFD04

Filters Enhancements:

Filters have advantage in terms of noise reduction and storage efficiency. This is particularly true for explicit simulations as they have tendency to show stress noise. The type 1 and type 2 Chebychev and Butterworth filters have been introduced on the platform for both field and history outputs.2021xFD05.

  • Load Enhancements:
  • Chart

Description automatically generatedHydrostatic Pressure: A pressure that linearly varies with height has been introduced to address the needs of ship building industry. The height must be aligned with global Z direction only. The glyphs are scaled with height for better visualization. 2021xFD06

Pre-Load Enhancements:

  • Pre-Loaded FEM’s: This is similar to the *import functionality of Abaqus. The result of one simulation is used as an initial condition for the subsequent simulation. Unlike restart in which time scale does not change, the preload simulation is considered as a new simulation from zero time. All sorts of mappings are supported such as standard->standard, explicit->standard etc. 2021xFD06

MultiPhysics Enhancement:

  • Piezoelectric Behavior: The effect of electric potential on deformation and stress state is now available in the scenario apps. This behavior is supported in static, perturbation, frequency, implicit dynamics and SSD steps. Support for both 3D and Axisymmetric. 2021xFD07
  • Non Linear Buckling: The Riks method to support unstable load-displacement response has been introduced for non linear problems. 2021xFD07

           Results App Enhancements

Composite Enhancements

  • Plies envelope results: Visualize results at section point elevation for conventional and continuum shells. This can be done either for overall section or for individual number of plies. It’s a great tool to visualize variation through thickness for composites. 2021xFD03
  • ABD Matrix Display: The ABD matrix definition is a way to define stiffness of a structure explicitly without the modulus of elasticity values. It is now possible to visualize the ABD matrix through model plots and stack plots as well as export it in CSV format. 2021xFD03

Model Plot Enhancements

  • Multiple plot view: Enhanced options to view multiple plots at the same time such a changing the distance between plots, separate legend for each plot, superimpose plots etc. Query option to filter on ply names in case of numerous plies. 2021xFD03

Rendering: Semi-transparent or translucent rendering options has been added to view CAD more realistically along with the contour plots. This is beneficial if the result based entities are enclosed by a structure that is not a part of simulation. 2021xFD06


  • To facilitate collaboration, a subset of physics simulation content can be published from 3DX Play web app to the 3DX swym community. 2021xFD03

Diagnostics Enhancements:

  • Non Linear jobs can be time consuming and it makes no sense to continue with the simulation if intermediate results don’t appear correct. Results of jobs submitted to the platform through remote or non-interactive mode can now be visualized through physics results explorer app while the job is running and to terminate it if necessary. 2021xFD05

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