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In simulation community when it’s time to learn application of software tools for real-life product development, one of the best ways to do it is to approach other users. The user meetings organized by SIMULIA once every year has similar objective: bring user community together. These meetings bring together users to share their knowledge and experience in advancing methods and

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Simulation of Magnetic Fields in MRI Machines

The invention of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines in medical diagnosis is very interesting. Before MRI was MRI, it was called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) that was initially demonstrated in 1945. The transformation of medical imaging from NMR to MRI is attributed to three Physicists: Dr Raymond Damadian, Paul Lauterbur and Sir Peter Mansfield. In 1969 Dr. Damadian hypothesized that

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Scope of Simulation in Battery Cell Design and Development

Green energy is around the corner now. In the past decade drastic climate changes have been seen everywhere around the world. Greenhouse gas emissions are the major cause of global warming and carbon di oxide emissions are responsible for 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions. With the unprecedented increase in gas prices due to geopolitical uncertainty, the fossil fuel is

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Fluid Meshing in 3DX

This post is a continuation of the vignettes that I started few weeks back with the Computational Fluid Dynamics theme. The vignette demonstrates how to create a CFD mesh in the 3DExperience platform. Majority of CFD pre processors require an air tight or water tight CAD geometry to create even a simple CFD mesh. The 3DX pre processor hex dominant

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3DExperience 2022 – Scenario and Results Visualization

We have discussed quite a bit about modeling and simulation in an integrated environment. However, our discussions have been on pre-processing side only. Lets discuss in this blog article how rich a designer based environment can be for visualizing and editing simulation results. Scenario Apps Enhancements Sequential Simulations: Restart enhancement: Earlier the read/write data was limited to the last increment

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Formulations

We have talked a lot about what we offer in CFD domain. Let’s talk a bit about where these applications are suitable and in this blog we are talking about the computational fluid dynamics. The fluid flow in general can be categorized in multiple ways: steady state vs. transient, single phase vs. multiphase, laminar vs. turbulent, compressible vs. incompressible. Let’s

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