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How to model Magnetism in Abaqus

In December 2020, I shared a blog article on how I used Abaqus and 3D Experience to model ice solidification in a skating ring. I thought of sharing something different and exciting this year as well. Very few users think of modeling magnets in Abaqus. However, it is correct that Abaqus can be used to model both electromagnets as well

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How to Edit Elements Offset from Edges | CATIA V5

In this Tech Tip, you will learn to use the Offset Definition function to edit the definition of elements and offset them from geometry to make them external to the sketch.

Some key points to take away from this Tech Tip are:
– This function only works on sketch elements that are offset from the part, not elements in the active sketch.
– When editing the offset, you may need to exit and re-enter the sketch to update the offset.
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