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MES vs MOM: What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter

While MES and MOM have distinct functionality and scope, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can work synergistically to elevate manufacturing operations to new heights. MES provides the granular control needed on the shop floor, while MOM aligns those activities with broader business goals. Watch this Webinar On-Demand: MES vs. MOM – What’s the Difference – and Why Should I Care?

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Supply Chain Diversification – the new normal

The world has shifted The current global events is expected to have a significant impact on operating models and business dynamics. Organizations will have to adapt to the new normal and prime themselves for growth in a new environment. Here are a few quotes from industry experts: “The COVID-19 Pandemic is fast-tracking Digital Transformation in companies” – Forbes “Global companies

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Learn from Manufacturing and Supply Chain Experts

A Virtual Journey in 3DEXPERIENCE Today’s manufacturers are confronting a rapidly changing business environment. The new reality and relentless competition are having companies re-examine their business models. On Shoring, Near Shoring and diversified Supply Chains are just some of the topics that companies and leaders want to know about. Tata Technologies has extensive knowledge and expertise in implementing manufacturing technology

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NX Weld Assistant – Rivets

There is so much more to this command than welding. Not only is there a full range of weld types, but you can also model beads of adhesives, glue, and mastic as well as fasteners like rivets for example. Basically there are three categories in Weld Assistant for joining parts, they are: discrete welds, line welds, and adhesives. Normally a

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Customer Transformation Program – (CTP) – Dassault Systemes

Do any of the questions below apply to your organization: Do you own existing Dassault Systemes software products and are up to date with maintenance? Do you need to transform your digital engineering processes? Are you interested in implementing the true Digital Twin concept? Is the technology that you are using for Digital Product Definition out of date? Does your

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