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Why and How to Generate Milling Operations in NX CAM?

‘Why and How to Generate Milling Operation’ in NX CAM? Milling Operation is a part of NX CAM and is used for manufacturing planning, which will program any job due to their comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in a single system. This enables the use of consistent 3D models, data and processes to seamlessly connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread. 

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This is our first blog on the new features in Simcenter latest release. We will continue such blogs in future as we do for Femap. New feature release is a continuous process throughout the year. Usually these features are released in patches as Simcenter 2021.x where x =1,2,3 etc. We are not mapping functional feature with the patch number. However,

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Tips For the new Sketcher in Siemens PLM NX

Have you used the new sketcher in Siemens PLM NX? Starting in 1926 Series, Siemens PLM has totally changed the way sketching is done in NX. The following Tech Tips by the i GET IT Learning Team will demonstrate some simple shortcuts to help speed up your sketching process. Tip #1 Relation Lock: As sketch curves are being developed, Mouse

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This blog article discusses the Siemens simulation tokens models. In Siemens world as well, a token is considered as a minimum sellable unit of the product the works on tokens scheme. Majority of simulation products in Siemens world are supported on tokens licensing. These include Simcenter 3D products as well as enterprise version of Nastran. As every underlying product consumes

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