This blog article discusses the Siemens simulation tokens models. In Siemens world as well, a token is considered as a minimum sellable unit of the product the works on tokens scheme. Majority of simulation products in Siemens world are supported on tokens licensing. These include Simcenter 3D products as well as enterprise version of Nastran.

Live Session – Using SOLIDWORKS for Plastic Part Design

i GET IT schedules bi-weekly webinars on various CAD and PLM topics as part of our i GET IT Live Sessions. The sessions will be held through a live webinar at the scheduled time and then recordings made available through i GET IT for any user later. To learn more about these sessions and our

7 Pillars of Simulation on 3D Experience Platform

Both 3DX Platform as well as this blog room have been around since few years. Though we discussed user level details of 3DX Platform such as different roles and apps, licensing etc. we never covered a 360 degrees overview on benefits of simulation on platform. In this blog we will highlight the 7 pillars of

What’s new in isight 2021

This is the last blog in “What’s New’ series and it talks about standalone ISight and multi disciplinary optimization role of 3D Experience which used to be SPI in 2020x and earlier releases. Before we proceed take a note regarding installation of ISight fix packs. The ISight fix packs are full refresh cumulative. That means


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What is PLM?

i GET IT Live Session for SOLIDWORKS Design Topics

Join our i GET IT team this Friday, June 25th, 2021 for another i GET IT Live Session on hybrid designing, using surfacing and solid model designing combined using SOLIDWORKS. Our i GET IT experts will demonstrate the functionality and recommend any additional training courses that will help users better utilize SOLIDWORKS in the design process.https://