How to Define Connection Elements for Weldments and Structural Systems | SOLIDWORKS

Recently we posted “How To Create Miter Joint Trim for Weldments in SOLIDWORKS” in which we know that Welded Joints aka “Weldments” is one of the process used to assemble the components/parts. In this blog you will know how to define Connection Elements for weldments and structural systems in SOLIDWORKS, and then insert them into a structural part.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Formulations

We have talked a lot about what we offer in CFD domain. Let’s talk a bit about where these applications are suitable and in this blog we are talking about the computational fluid dynamics. The fluid flow in general can be categorized in multiple ways: steady state vs. transient, single phase vs. multiphase, laminar vs.

How to Shift Trim/Extend & Offset Work Plane on Sketch Creation | AUTODESK INVENTOR TIPS

Recently we posted ‘‘Autodesk Inventor Tips: Restart, Line Command and Inferred Trim” and now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips” vault.

Our Autodesk Subject Matter Expert from i GET IT Learning created these 120 short tech tips to present at Autodesk University. Now we have shared the first eight tips in PLM Tech Talk. To get access to all tips go to – SkillAdvisor from i GET IT ( and choose your role and interested software relevant to you and subscribe and gain access to many other courses.

Follow below videos and steps to get to know more

How to Enable New Sketch | Siemens NX

The New Sketch refers to a New Sketch Environment with a New UI and Solver. The New Solver comes with New Methodologies and Techniques to fully define sketches which can be very different to classic sketches. The classic sketch is still available but remains a separate environment. While two different environments exist, only one can be enabled at a time per NX session. The New Sketch is enabled using the out of the box defaults unless overridden by a user or a company admin.

System of Systems Architecture

Good architecture in today’s world of complex programs goes a long way in determining how easy it will be to implement different functionalities and to resolve changes if any in the future. This framework becomes even more pertinent for multi-layered systems. A system of systems in layman’s terms is a cluster of similar systems that fuse


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