Defining fluid domain in 3DX

Its good to change for a while so that interest continues. I have been writing incessantly since years and my total blog count will soon approach one hundred. Before hitting the magic number I thought of rattling for a while by sharing vignettes. That would give me an opportunity to show something live and hands

How to Draft Across Parting Lines | SOLIDWORKS

Drafting is a graphical representation of structures, machines, and their component parts that communicates the engineering intent of a technical design to the craftsman or worker who makes the product. To know how to draft across parting lines follow video and detailed stepwise process.

How to use Multi-View Layout in MBD | NX 1953 Series

Many times it is required to view a designed model from all directions under one window to understand its visualizations. In NX “Model-Based Definition (MBD)” we give Dimensions, Annotations, or some other tools/commands that need different views to apply different functions. Users can have the option to see all the Dimensions, Annotations, or some other tools/commands to be

How to model Magnetism in Abaqus

In December 2020, I shared a blog article on how I used Abaqus and 3D Experience to model ice solidification in a skating ring. I thought of sharing something different and exciting this year as well. Very few users think of modeling magnets in Abaqus. However, it is correct that Abaqus can be used to


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