What’s new in Abaqus CAE 2021

Hello Everyone. A happy new year 2021 to all my friends in the blog community. I always return during this time of the year with information on new release and this year is no different. Before proceeding I should mention that 2021 release has exhaustive updates in Abaqus solver functionalities compared to updates in 2020


What I really did during Christmas and New Year Holidays

First of all a very happy new year to all the viewers of my blog article. This Christmas and new year 2021 eve have been different from any other holiday season so far in my life. I live in Ontario in Canada and unlike US, most of Canada went into a second lockdown from Dec

Recommended Action for Autodesk 3ds Max Users

We’ve become aware of an exploit that may corrupt Autodesk 3ds Max software installations and 3ds Max scene files. As a preventative measure, Autodesk recently emailed customers who have access to 3ds Max 2015SP1 to 2021 recommending they download and install the 3ds Max Security Tools application to help detect and resolve potential issues caused by


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What is PLM?