Monthly Archives: August 2018

How to reduce cost associated with product warranty failure

The definition of warranty varies depending on the nature of product being used by the consumer. For a product as intangible as an insurance policy, warranty may be defined as percentage of eligible claims settled by the insurance company in given time-period. However, manufacturing companies produce tangible products. In such scenarios warranty is almost always defined either in terms of

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New Functionalities in SIMULIA 3DExperience CFD 2018x release

Computational fluid dynamics role of 3DX is the one going through tremendous enhancements compared to other roles available on the platform. In this blog article, I am going to highlight a few key enhancements with respect to the scenario modeling and the underlying solver. Multiple reference frames Most of CFD users are familiar with concept of moving fluid boundaries. Traditionally

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Modeling directional friction properties in Abaqus

In recent blog article on friction, I discussed about a new Abaqus functionality that allows user to define friction as surface property and Abaqus computes contact pair friction coefficients from corresponding surface friction properties. In this blog article we discuss yet another nice and recent functionality in Abaqus explicit called anisotropic friction. The anisotropic behavior may arise from number of

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