Autodesk Inventor Tip: Tangent Constraint and Scrub Geometry

Recently we posted ‘Autodesk Inventor Tips: Sketch Zero Origin and Click Hold Arc/Slot | PLM Tech Talk Blog‘. Now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips”.

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120 Autodesk Inventor Tips – #3 Click Hold Tangent Constraint

To create a line segment tangent to an existing sketched arc or circle follow these steps:

  1. Start Line command
  2. Click and Hold on the arc or circle to start the line.

3. Drag line out away from the arc or circle and a Tangent constraint will be inferred.

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips – #4 Scrub Geometry for Inferred Constraint 

When creating sketch geometry you can use inferred constraints to automatically apply constraints, but sometimes the constraint first being inferred is not the one you want.

While the sketching command is active, if you move over (“Scrub”) your cursor over other geometry different constraints are inferred.

  • Inferred Constraint not currently the correct one desired
  • “Scrub” cursor over geometry you want constraint referenced to
  • New inferred constraint now shown

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