Autodesk Inventor Tips: Sketch Zero Origin and Click Hold Arc/Slot

Recently, we posted ‘LEVERAGING MODEL-BASED DEFINITION (MBD) IN AUTODESK INVENTOR’ which enlightened us on Autodesk Inventor’s features supporting Model-Based Definition (MBD). MBD streamlines the design-to-manufacturing process and even helps in fully reducing the chance of errors in manufacturing parts.

Our Autodesk Subject Matter Expert from I GET IT Learning has created 120 short tech tips for Autodesk Inventor and presented these in a session at Autodesk University. We have shared the first two tips in this blog, but to get full access to all of our i GET IT Tech Tips and Training Courses, Sign Up to i GETIT for an in-depth online learning courses from i GET IT.

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips – #1 Sketch Zero Origin:

Where possible, it’s recommended to always project the zero origin of your part file when creating a new sketch.

Referencing this origin will help you align your sketch. Making sketch geometry symmetric around this origin will help you align your assembly constraints later on as well because your part will be centered about the origin planes.

If not on by default, turn on under Applications Options | Autoproject part origin on sketch create

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips – #2 Click Hold Arc / Slot 

Did you know you can create an arc with the Line command using Autodesk Inventor?

Use the following steps:

Step 1

Start Line command and draw a straight line segment

Step 2

Click and Hold on the end of the line segment, drag away from the end point to create the arc.

Step 3

Additionally you can use Point Alignment to create a fully constrained slot sketch

Now you know how to Sketch using Zero origin as reference and how to create Arc using Line command!

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