Leveraging Model-Based Definition (MBD) in Autodesk Inventor

With the ongoing digital transformation many manufacturers are going through, model-based definition has been increasingly becoming more important. Model-based definition refers to a fully defined 3D model, which including the annotations is sent out create a physical manufactured part. The GD&T annotations historically have been done in 2D drawings but with MBD, you can now store everything in a 3D model. This helps streamline the design-to-manufacturing process and helps even fully reduce the chance of errors in manufacturing parts.

Autodesk Inventor has features to support Model-Based Definition, which as part of Tata Technologies we can help you purchase and support your Autodesk software environments. I GET IT, our online learning solution, we have recently completed new course on using MBD effectively in Autodesk Inventor. Starting with a brief background on MBD, our authors have created lessons that demonstrate the MBD functionality along with practice projects to apply what you have learned.

In the Autodesk Inventor MBD course, you will learn:

  • What Autodesk Inventor MBD Is and How It’s Utilized.
  • Discover How to Use MBD Tool to Document Your Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) Using 3D Annotations.
  • Learn How to Publish Your Data For Use In Manufacturing.

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Autodesk Inventor Model-Based Definition (MBD)

Online, Self-Paced through I GET IT

In this course you will learn what Autodesk Inventor Model Based Definition (MBD) is and how it’s utilized. Discover how to use the MBD tools to document your Proiduct Manufacturing Information (PMI) using 3D Annotations. And learn how to publish your data for use in manufacturing.

Chapters Covered

  • Model Based Definition Introduction
  • 3D Annotations Overview
  • General Annotations
  • Geometric Annotations
  • Sharing Model Based Definition

2 Hours (based on average users experience)


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