How to change Display Timing and Ambient Shadow settings

Recently we posted “How to Know Number of Saved Old Versions & Select Other Edge, Face or Surface | Autodesk Inventor Tips” and now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips” vault.

Our Autodesk Subject Matter Expert from i GET IT Learning created these 120 short tech tips to present at Autodesk University. Till now we have shared the first 18 tips in PLM Tech Talk and now we are sharing the next 2. To get early access of tips visit and subscribe to gain access to many other Tips.

Follow the videos and steps to get to know more –

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips –

#19 Select Other – Timing

To change the Select Other drop-down list display timing follow the steps –

Step 1

Tools tab > Option panel > Application Options

Step 2

Go to

General tab > Selection

“Select Other” delay (sec)
Enter a value in seconds to delay.

TIP: Enter value OFF To turn-off the  Select Other function.

#20 Ambient Shadows Always On

To set Ambient Shadows – Always On, regardless of the document, follow these steps.

Step 1

Open the Application Options
Tools > Options > Application Options

Step 2

On the Application Options dialog box on the Display tab: Select Use application settings; 

Then click the Settings… button

Step 3

On the Display Appearance dialog box;

check the box for Ambient Shadows. Then click OK.

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