How to Configure Default Templates and Mini-Toolbars OFF by Default |AUTODESK Inventor Tips

Recently we posted “How to use Auto Dimension & Driven Dimension | AUTODESK INVENTOR TIPS” and now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips” vault.

Our Autodesk Subject Matter Expert from i GET IT Learning created these 120 short tech tips to present at Autodesk University. Till now we have shared the first 12 tips in PLM Tech Talk. To get access to tips go to – SkillAdvisor from i GET IT ( and choose your role and interested software relevant to you and subscribe and gain access to many other courses. Also check out our new blog section in which we publish latest trends articles regarding ACES – Blogs – i GET IT (

Follow the below videos and steps to get to know more –

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips –

#13 Configure Default Templates

Configure Default Templates
Step 1

You can configure the default templates in AUTODESK Inventor 2023 & Previous Releases

Go to Tools > Options > Application Options.

Step 2

In Application Options go to

Application Options dialog > Default templates > Configure Default Template…

Step 3

Set the Measurement Units and Drawing Standards for the default templates

Note: This only affects the Default Templates. It does not affect other predefined templates

Note :This is for Previous Releases of Autodesk Inventor only (Option not available in 2023)

Go to Inventor Home screen > New > Advanced > Configure Default Templates (gear icon)

#14 Mini-Toolbars OFF by Default

Mini- Toolbars OFF by Default

In previous versions of Autodesk Inventor many of the commands had Mini-Toolbars that would display in the graphics window.

Many still have these Mini-Toolbars, but visibility is Off by default.

To turn the Mini-Tool bars back on go to:
View > Windows > Mini-Toolbar

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