How to use Auto Dimension & Driven Dimension | AUTODESK INVENTOR TIPS

Recently we posted “How to Shift Trim/Extend & Offset Work Plane on Sketch Creation | AUTODESK INVENTOR TIPS” and now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips” vault.

Our Autodesk Subject Matter Expert from i GET IT Learning created these 120 short tech tips to present at Autodesk University. Till now we have shared the first ten tips in PLM Tech Talk. To get access to tips go to – SkillAdvisor from i GET IT ( and choose your role and interested software relevant to you and subscribe and gain access to many other courses.

Follow the below videos and steps to get to know more –

120 Autodesk Inventor Tips –

#11 Auto Dimension

#11 Auto Dimension | Autodesk Inventor

Use the Auto Dimension quickly complete a sketch and fully constrain the sketch geometry.

Sketch tab > Constrain panel > Automatic Dimensions & Constraints

It is recommended – that you place locating dimensions first.

You can select Curves (sketch geometry) to dimension and the dimensioning will only be applied to those curves.

No selection will apply dimension to the entire sketch.

#12 Driven Dimension

#12 Driven Dimension | Autodesk Inventor

Turn any sketch dimensional constraint into the Driven Dimension

  • Right-click dimensional constraint 
  • Select Driven Dimension from Marking Menu

Dimension does not control sketch geometry
Can be referenced by other dimensions or Parameters 

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