How Sketch Relations Work in NX Sketcher

Last week we posted on Basic Sketches in SOLIDWORKS. This blog post will provide you insights into NX Sketch Relations using some toggle commands, characteristics of ribbon bar and Relation Finder Settings.

NX Sketch Relations in 1953 Series

One of the main characteristics of the ribbon bar using the new sketch is the functions within Solve group. The group of commands are mainly toggles and options to control behaviors of sketch objects as a sketch is developed. Toggles to display symbols of information and/or colors are used to identify what is complete or incomplete. Relax functions are used to free objects allowing any object to be movable. Multiple functions control how and what relations are found.

1. Relax Dimensions

The Relax Dimensions is a toggle to control if dimensions are to be relaxed to allow a movement. The movement can be a dragging of a movable object. Or the movement can be from a dimension value change causing movements. A relaxed dimension appears magenta by default and its value is approximated.

2. Relaxed Relations

Relax Relations is a toggle to disable/enable persistent and found geometric relations to allow movement. Like Relaxed Dimensions, if a movement is attempted, relations may prevent a movement. Found relations are automatic and hold sketch objects in place or move other objects with them. In the following example, the line is dragged right. With Relax Relations disabled, the line does not move because the line is collinear with the bottom line and the 150 dimension is holding it in place. With Relax Relations active, the line breaks away because the collinear relation is relaxed allowing the line to be dragged away.

Relation Finder Settings

The Relation Finder Settings are useful to find above commands within you sketches.

The Relation Finder Settings are used to determine what the solver will identify and generate as a found relation. For example, if two circles appear equal radius, a found relation for equal radius will be created if the toggle is active. Generally, turning off individual relations are not recommended. Only for special circumstances should these be modified.

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