Create Basic Sketches in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Basic sketches are an essential part of any CAD Modeling process used in all CAD applications. Creating sketches can be a very easy, using basic commands such as Lines, Rectangles, Arcs, Circles and by applying some sketch relations between them using advanced commands. This PLM TechTalk article will take an example from our SOLIDWORKS Sketching course, using a basic bracket profile, and outlining the steps for creating Basic Sketches in SOLIDWORKS.

Step 1

Start a new Part file, ensuring the unit system is set to MMGS (millimeter, gram, second).

Step 2

Start a new sketch on the Front Plane, ensuring the view is normal to the plane.

Step 3

Create the sketch shown here, applying proper relations, constraints, and dimensions. 

The constraints and dimensions you use do not have to match the image as long as the sketch is fully defined (all black lines will show).

Step 4

Save the part file to finish.

Challenge Task

Challenge yourself! Use the Mirror Entities command to recreate the sketch as shown here.

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