MES vs MOM: What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter

While MES and MOM have distinct functionality and scope, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can work synergistically to elevate manufacturing operations to new heights. MES provides the granular control needed on the shop floor, while MOM aligns those activities with broader business goals. Watch this Webinar On-Demand: MES vs. MOM – What’s the Difference – and Why Should I Care?

In this highly informative session, hosted by experts from Tata Technologies and Dassault Systemes, we’ll cover:

• What, if any, difference is there between MES and MOM?
• What are the key capabilities of these systems?
• How can these systems bring real, measurable benefits to your company?
• How do these systems work with modern technologies such as IIoT and Augmented Reality?
• How do these systems fit with, and complement, other business systems like ERP, Supply Chain Planning, and PLM?

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