In simulation community when it’s time to learn application of software tools for real-life product development, one of the best ways to do it is to approach other users. The user meetings organized by SIMULIA once every year has similar objective: bring user community together. These meetings bring together users to share their knowledge and experience in advancing methods and technology for finite element analysis, multi-physics, process automation, design optimization and simulation management. There is further scope of presenting a white paper, listening to key note speakers about value simulation brings in virtual product development, getting updates on new releases from SIMULIA product management team and above all, contributing to this success by being a sponsor of the event. As SIMULIA is no more a product but a brand that offers multiple products, SIMULIA conference is all about the Simulation in the age of Experience that covers industry specific simulation workflows under the 3DExperience Platform.

History: Earlier this event was called SIMULIA community conference with a single location at North American Headquarter in Rhode Island. With time the size of the event grew as well so there was a need to offer it at multiple locations thereby making it more accessible to regional users. The event was thereby renamed as SIMULIA regional user meeting which was held at different locations in North America every year: Great Lakes, Houston, California, Toronto, San Paulo (Brazil). This year the event is being held at a single location in Great Lakes, Michigan so you can expect to meet users from all over the continent at a single location.

How big this event could be in terms of public gathering! We, at TATA Technologies never miss this event because of its size and a snapshot below from recent event held at the east Coast speaks by itself.

TATA TECHNOLOGIES: Who we are! What are we doing at this event!

Our customers know us well but for those who don’t know us ….

We are a global connected organization of 11,000 people, 18 global delivery centers. We have presence in 3 continents, 27 countries and we are still counting.

“We enable ambitious manufacturing companies to conceptualize, develop and realize better products and experiences with our future-ready solutions and accelerators.”

We are global leaders in Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems. We not only sell these solution but we do deploy, configure and connect them as per the requirements of the organizations to help them design, test and build better products faster.

We are the trusted advisor and partner for Dassault Systemes products and SIMULIA is one of the Dassault Systemes brand that contains everything about Simulation. We have an expertise and knowledge in this space. Please stop by our booth to know about our strengths and offerings in simulation.

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