How to Create an Offset Cage in NX Realize Shape | Siemens NX 2206

Creating Offset Cage in NX Realize Shape will become very easy with this Tech Tip. The Offset Cage allows you to select cage faces and offset them at a specified distance proportionately. The offset cage faces are not associative.

Follow the video and steps to know more –

How to Create an Offset Cage in NX Realize Shape | Siemens NX 2206
Step 1

Begin by going to the ribbon bar and selecting Surface tab > Realize Shape group > NX Realize Shape to enter the Realize Shape task environment.

Step 2

Next, go to the Home tab > Create group > Primitive Shape to display the Primitive Shape dialog.

Step 3

The Primitive Shape dialog appears.

Step 4

Ensure the Type drop-down at the top of the dialog is set to Sphere.

You can place the sphere anywhere in the graphics window and select any you want to create. For this lesson, we will concentrate on offsetting the sphere shape.

Click OK to create the sphere.

Step 5

Next, you will give the sphere a little shape.

Select Home tab > Modify group > Transform Cage to display the Transform Cage dialog.

Step 6

Display the Drag tab in the Method pane and

click YC-ZC

Step 7

Click and drag the front cage face approximately as shown. 

Step 8

Click OK to complete the transform.

Step 9

Select Home tab > Create group > Offset Cage to display the Offset Cage dialog.

Step 10

The Select Face selection step should be selected, holding the CTRL key on the keyboard, pick five of the six faces as shown.

This demonstrates how faces offset while the original model is inside the offset model.

You can also reverse the direction of the offset and it and place them inside your original model.

Step 11

Next enter 10 for Distance and press ENTER.

Step 12

Click OK to complete the offset.

Notice how the offset model is 10 mm from the original model. 

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