How to use Multi-View Layout in MBD | NX 1953 Series

Many times it is required to view a designed model from all directions under one window to understand its visualizations.

In NX “Model-Based Definition (MBD)” we give Dimensions, Annotations, or some other tools/commands that need different views to apply different functions.

Users can have the option to see all the Dimensions, Annotations, or some other tools/commands to be applied in different views under one window and that solution is covered under the “Multi-View Layout” option.

Follow the procedure video or detailed steps to know how to apply “Multi-View Layout”

Using Muti-View Layout

Note: You can download the featured part file for practice from the Tech Tip section in i GET IT if you have an active subscription.

Step 1

Go to Menu > View > Layout > New

Step 2

Name the layout as MBD_Layout-1.

Then in the Arrangement group select the L4 style, which includes 4 views.

Step 3

You can see 4 Views available on the lower side of the dialogue box.

Step 4

If you want to set Top View, Select Top (1 as shown in the image) from the lower side of the dialogue box and;

Then select Top (2 as shown in the image) from the view list. Likewise, we can set all the views as per user requirements.

Repeat the similar steps to set the Front, Isometric, and Right views.

Step 5
Click on OK to add a new Multi View Layout.
Step 6

To Save the Layout

Go to  Menu > View > Layout > Save

Step 7

Go to  Menu > View > Layout > Open

Select L1 – single view and click OK.

We will navigate to a single view as shown.

Step 8

If you want to go back to Multi-View Layout which we saved before,

Go to Menu > View > Layout > Open

Select MBD_LAYOUT-1 and click OK. Multi-View Layout will be opened.

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