How to use ‘Rename’ Feature | PTC Creo 7.0


In this Tech Tip, we will explain the practical use of ‘Feature Renaming’ functionality used in Creo Parametric 7.0 This is a generic Tech Tip and though we are showing it for PTC Creo Parametric 7.0, this methodology is applicable to all CAD software.

The User Case

In the figure below, a simple part model is shown which is created with some simple features. The user needs to convey his design methodology to his co-workers.

The designer of the above model works in an organization where different users from different locations and time zones are working simultaneously on multiple designs of multiple components. So there is a need that the design philosophy of the above model should be appropriately conveyed to each designer so that anyone can modify this design if need be. To fulfill this need, the original designer should rename the features from the Model Tree with some meaningful understandable names so that all other designers can understand his/her thought process while designing the above model.

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Please follow the below steps to achieve the required result
Step 1

Edit the definition of the ‘Revolve 1’ feature from the Model Tree

Step 2

From the ‘Revolve’ dashboard, click on the ‘Properties’ tab and observe the current default system name of the feature

Step 3

Type in the new name of the ‘REVOLVE_1’ feature as shown and press ‘Enter’. Then click ‘OK’

Now the Model Tree gets updated with the first renamed feature –

Step 4

Expand the drop-down arrow of the second ‘Pattern 1 of Profile Rib 1’ feature and edit the definition of pattern leader ‘Profile Rib 1 [1]’ feature

Step 5

Rename the ‘Profile Rib 1 [1]’ feature as shown

Now the Model Tree would look as shown

Step 6

Expand the drop-down arrow of the third ‘Pattern 2 of Hole 1’ feature and select the pattern leader ‘Hole 1 [1]’ feature. Then right-click and select the ‘Rename’ option from the contextual menu

Step 7

Type in the new name of ‘Hole 1 [1]’ feature as shown and press ‘Enter’

Now the Model Tree would look as shown

Step 8

Rename the remaining features from ‘Round 1’ up to ‘Round 5’ so as to look at the Model Tree as shown

Step 9

Use the ‘Insert Here’ functionality from the Model Tree contextual menu to observe each feature with their meaningful understandable new name

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  • Did you find a way to rename a group without the “GROUP” prefix being enforced as part of the name?

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