How to Use the Undo Command | Siemens NX

The Objective is to have the ability to return a model to a previous state by reversing operations. There are some CAD softwares that do not allow this, so it can be very frustrating. The following video and procedure will explain the process.

Path: Quick Access Toolbar> Undo Combo Drop-down

You can quickly undo the last single operation by pressing CTRL+Z.

You can quickly undo the last single operation by pressing CTRL+Z.

The Undo Combo Drop-down displays the operations performed in each part in the same list. Each part having operations available to undo displays in the list with a heading while the operations are listed underneath.

The visual cue is as you hover your cursor over an operation to undo, all the operations that will undo highlight. This is regardless of whether the operations are in the Work part or another part you have open.

Multiple Undo Operations
Step 1

Select Quick Access Toolbar > Undo Combo Drop-down.

Step 2

On the menu list, select an item. (The first item on the list is the most recent action taken.) The model returns to the state it was in before the list item you select.

In the following example, selecting the Hole feature in the right_bracket.prt file to undo also undoes all the operations in the arm.prt file.

When you select an operation to undo in a part file other than the one in the Active window, that part file becomes the Displayed Part and its window becomes the Active window. This is evident in the Undo Combo drop-down since ‘Change Displayed Part’ displays as an operation to undo.

There are several scenarios where the Undo list resets:

  • Creating a new part file.
  • Saving a part file.
  • Opening a part file.
  • Changing to or from an application that doesn’t support retaining Undo operations.

The caveat to this drop-down is that you cannot selectively undo an operation in another part file without undoing the operations done since. In the previous example, it is not possible to undo the Hole feature in the right_bracket.prt file without undoing the operations performed in the arm.prt. Saving the file arm.prt resets the undo list after which the opportunity to undo the Hole feature is no longer available. Be careful when working in multiple windows at the same time.

Note: When you undo an operation, the part to which the operation applies becomes the active part. NX resets the undo list if:

*You change the displayed part to one that is not already displayed in a window. * The from and to applications both do not support retaining the undo list.


If you want to reverse an Undo operation, select Quick Access Toolbar > Redo or press CTRL+Y


The most recent operation appears at the top of the list. The oldest appears at the bottom.

NOTE: Before saving remember that Saving the part file or changing applications CLEARS the Undo List

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