How to use Search Enhancement | Siemens NX

The Command Finder is now referred to as Search and can search for Commands, Customer Defaults, Preferences, Tips from the Discovery Center, and Check-Mate tests.

How to use Search Enhancements | Siemens NX 2007

Follow below steps to Know how use Search Enhancement –

The Search Command is in the top right corner of the NX window and press Enter, NX displays search results in the following tabs in the Search Window. It also supports autocomplete, when you type two or more characters in this Search box, NX predicts the rest of the word and displays a list of commands that match the string.

In the Filters column on the left, you can filter the search results using these tabs and further refine the results based on applications or specific information from Discovery Center.

When you select on the command, NX shows where the command is located and what it is.

It will also open the ‘command dialog’.

When finished using the Search command you can exit it by selecting the “x” in the Search tab

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