How to Enable New Sketch | Siemens NX

The New Sketch refers to a New Sketch Environment with a New UI and Solver. The New Solver comes with New Methodologies and Techniques to fully define sketches which can be very different to classic sketches. The classic sketch is still available but remains a separate environment. While two different environments exist, only one can be enabled at a time per NX session. The New Sketch is enabled using the out of the box defaults unless overridden by a user or a company admin.

It is recommended for a company to choose one or the other environment as classic sketches can be converted (renewed) to new sketches, but not vice versa. Once an existing part file has its classic sketch converted, or a new part has a new sketch created, the part file is forced to stay in new sketch mode permanently. If users individually control which environment they prefer and share part file data, the part file will dictate what environment must be used regardless of which is enabled in the session. Users who prefer the legacy environment will be frustrated as the new sketch will often be forced on them. Refer following Video and Text to understand in detail or you can directly check NX Training – i GET IT

How to Enable New Sketch | Siemens NX 2007

Go to File > Utilities > Early Access Features and select Early Access Features.

The Early Access Features dialog appears. Go down to Use the new solver and UI for sketching and in the State column you are able to turn this feature on and off by right clicking on it and selecting On or Off, as shown in the image below.

The Early Access Features dialog (File tab > Utilities) is used to control which sketch environment is enabled. The Use the new solver and UI for sketching identifies which environment is active. On indicates the new sketch is active implying the old classic sketch is off. Use right-click to control the on/off state. If modified, the NX session must be restarted. However, as mentioned previously, a part file containing a new sketch will override classic mode for that part file even if classic sketch is preferred.

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