How To Create Miter Joint Trim for Weldments in SOLIDWORKS

Welded Joints aka “Weldments” is one of the process used to assemble the components/parts. In this blog you know about How to create “Miter Joint” in SOLIDWORKS.

“Miter Joint” is a joint made by cutting each of two parts to be joined, across the main surface, usually at a 45° angle, to form a corner, usually to form a 90° angle, though it can comprise any angle greater than 0°.

How To Create Miter Joint Trim for Weldments | SOLIDWORKS

You can quickly create joint trims between different sized structural members when working with weldments, by either bisecting the joint angle or applying a flush trim.

Follow below step to know ‘How To Create Miter Joint Trim for Weldments’:

Step 1

Activate the Trim/Extend command.

Step 2

Ensure the End Miter type is selected.

Step 3

Select the Bodies to be Trimmed.

Parts to be welded

Step 4

Toggle Equal angle miter to bisect the joint angle for the trim.

Step 5

Toggle Full flush miter to apply whatever angle is required to make the adjoining edges flush with each other.

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