How To Change Units in NX 2007

Want to work in your preferred measuring units or just want to deliver Projects/ Assignments in requested units? This article will let you know on “How To Change Units in NX 2007”.

Unlike other CAD platforms to easily change units within the document, this is not so for Siemens NX. Siemens NX process to change your units from one system to another is done by using the ‘ug_convert_part.exe‘ – this is an executable used in Windows based operating systems.

You can scroll to video or follow steps to know detailed process on changing units in NX 2007.

Step 1

To access ‘ug_convert_part.exe‘ executable you will need to go to your Windows Start Menu and got to Siemens NX folder and select Tool – NX Command Prompt.

You will need to go to the NXBIN folder to find this executable. Note: You can only run this executable in this prompt. 

Hints: “cd..” steps you back in the folder level. for example, above if you enter “cd..” you will find yourself in the NX2007 folder.

NX Command Prompt

Step 2

Enter “dir” and you will see the contents of that folder. 

You can scroll up to see what is contained in the folder.

In this folder is NXBIN. (not case-sensitive)

Step 3

Enter “cd NXBIN”

You are now in the NXBIN folder.

Step 4

Search and Locate “ug_convert_part.exe”.

Enter “dir” and you will see “ug_convert_part.exe” in the directory.

Step 5

To run this executable you will need to first make sure you know from which units you are converting your part to. From inches to millimeters or vice versa. Once you are in the right folder that the executable resides in you can begin. This is a three step process where you enter the executable and the units you are converting to and then the location of the part document. 

For instance, you need to enter “ug_convert_part.exe -in “(go to the folder of where you part files is located and make you have enter everything within the double quotes, which also includes the space after “-in”

With the Command Prompt and location of the part file drag the part file in to the Command Prompt and it will populate the location directory of the part file.

Step 6

1 file was not converted as it most likely is already in inches

If you have gotten this far and performed the steps correctly you can now hit the ENTER key.

This will take a minute or so to process.

You see that 1 file was not converted as it most likely is already in inches. Lets try millimeters.

This time it worked.

1 file successfully converted to millimeters. 

1file successfully converted

As you can see it is straightforward in what you need to do and you can also watch the video to see how to perform this process.

How To Change Units | Siemens NX 2007

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