How to Search Commands and Use Translate Feature Names in SOLIDWORKS

Learn how to customize your SOLIDWORKS shortcut bars, and other user interface items, using the command search option to quickly locate the commands you’re looking for. You’ll also learn how to display translated feature names next to default feature names within the ‘FeatureManager’.

Use below steps to learn Customization and Translate Feature in SOLIDWORKS

Step 1

You can Customize the SOLIDWORKS shortcut bars and other user interface items by right-clicking a given tool space.

Step 2

You can also search for commands to add, or customize, in the CommandsKeyboard, Shortcut Bars and Mouse Gestures tabs.

Step 3

This allows you to quickly locate the command you’re looking for, instead of having to manually locate it within a given category.

Step 4

Looking at the ‘FeatureManager’, note that you can list translated feature names in angle brackets next to each feature if desired.

Step 5

Simply navigate to System Options, and check the related option within ‘FeatureManager’ settings.

Step 6

Once checked, simply select the language to translate to from the drop-down, and then click OK.

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