How to Create a Scene to Render in NX Visualization

Creating a Scene to Render in NX Visualization can be a time consuming task if not done wisely. In this Tech Tip you will learn the basics of placing a 3D model within a 3D Dome scene and be able to manipulate and edit its scene features with a step-by-step approach.

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Follow below steps to know how to render scenes in NX Visualization:

Step 1:

With the 3D model already open, select Render tab > Setup group > Studio Task to enter the Studio task environment.

Step 2:

Ensure that Home tab > Advanced Studio Display group > Face Edges is inactive.

Step 3:

Display the System Scenes palette in the Resource Bar and in the Outdoor folder, select Congress Hall 3D Dome as shown.

The Graphics window will update as image shown at right side.

Step 4:

Next select Home tab > Studio Setup group > Scene Preferences and display the Background tab.

Notice that Environment is active.

Step 5:

The Dome Type drop-down has two settings available and by default, is set to Finite. This type can be explicitly d and the is associative with the ground.

Set it to Infinite. This type can not be d and perspective is recommended.

Step 6:

Click OK to close the dialog and select Home tab > Finish Studio to exit the Studio task environment the scene is now complete.

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