How to Use Draft Analysis Command for Plastic Molds in SOLIDWORKS

Another Tech-Tip from our i GET IT Subject Matter Expert on the use of the Draft Analysis command in SOLIDWORKS. The Draft Analysis command allows you to see if a model contains the required draft geometry to reliably eject from its mold. This Tech-Tip is from our latest i GET IT course on Mold Design Training Courses for SOLIDWORKS – i GET IT (

Step 1

Activate the Draft Analysis command from the Mold Tools command manager, or search for the command to activate it.

Step 2

Select a plane to define the Direction of Pull. The direction will be normal the selected plane.

Step 3

Define the Draft Angle required for the model to easily release from its mold.

Step 4

Click OK to apply the analyzation.

  • Toggle Reverse Direction to swap positive and negative faces.
  • Use the Adjustment Triad to adjust the draft angle if desired.
  • Toggle Face Classification to view the number of faces for each draft classification. 
  • You can also Hide/Show the faces for a given classification.
  • Once analysis is complete use the legend in the lower-right corner to keep track of drafted faces.

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