How to use Split Line Command for Graphics & Material Breaks in SOLIDWORKS

You can use the Split Line command to create custom graphics & material breaks on your SOLIDWORKS models. This process details the creation of graphics for a toy car model using Split Line.

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Follow below steps to learn how Split Line command works:

Step 1

Create a sketch of the graphic or break, normal to the model faces you want to split.

The sketch does not have to reside on these faces for the command to work.

Step 2

Select the sketch, and then activate the Split Line command from the Curves drop-down in the Features CommandManager

Step 3

Ensure the Projected split type is toggled and the Faces to Split dialog is highlighted. Then select all the model faces you want to be affected by the split.

Step 4

Click OK to create the feature.

Note the individual faces created by the split.

Step 5

Continue creating Split Line features as needed.

Step 6

Expand the Appearances Task Pane, and then drag a Color or Texture onto the model face you’d like to change, ensuring Face is selected for the application.

Step 7

Continue applying appearances as needed.

Once applied, an appearance can be edited by double-clicking it within the DisplayManager.

Here’s your Design with applied features

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