Imprinting your extrusions on Curved Surfaces using SOLIDWORKS rendering

Have you wondered “how can I imprint logos, texts or any graphics on a curved surface”? Then wonder not! Here at i GET IT by Tata Technologies our SOLIDWORKS’s subject matter expert has shared his expertise on creating an Extruded Boss or Cut on a curved surface.

Follow along with the following steps or watch the video to learn how to create an Extruded Boss or Cut on a curved surface in SOLIDWORKS.

Step 1

Select the sketch profile to extrude.

Step 2

Activate the Extrude command.

Step 3

In the From drop-down, select Surface/Face/Plane.

Step 4

Select the curved face you want the boss to extrude from.

Step 5

Enter the extrusion height.

Step 6

Click OK to create the feature.

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