How to reflect sketch dimensions with tolerance in Drafting workbench in Catia V5

Do you use the drafting workbench in CATIA V5? This tech tip from the Tata Technologies I GET IT Team will demonstrate how to show the sketch dimensions and tolerances using Generative Drafting (i.e…Front View). Follow through the steps below to try it for yourself!

Step 1

Draw any sketch with dimension having tolerances on any of the plane (XY Plane/YZ Plane/ ZX Plane) as shown below.

Step 2

Now, Exit from sketcher workbench to Part Design workbench. Use Pad command to add the material for given sketch.

Step 3

Start the Drafting Workbench and Go to Tools> Options> Mechanical Design> Drafting> Generation and check the option Filters before generation.

Step 4

Generate the front view of an object using Front View command in Views Toolbar.

Step 5

Select Generate dimensions/ Generate dimensions step by step command from Generation toolbar OR from Insert menu> Generation > Generate dimensions/ Generate dimensions step by step and check the options Sketcher Constrain &…with Design Tolerances. Click on Ok.

Now, you can see all the dimensions with their tolerances given in sketcher workbench Into the front view of an object in Drafting Workbench.

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