SOLIDWORKS Essentials – PArt 1

Watch part 1 of 4 SOLIDWORKS Essentials sessions, User Interface & Intro to Part Creation. i GET IT Live Sessions are recordings of tips and tricks, partial learning sessions and other videos. For more in-depth training courses, visit for information.

Part 1 of 4 SOLIDWORKS Essentials webinars, User Interface & Intro to Part Creation, will cover: 

  • Launching SOLIDWORKS for the first time and what to expect
  • How to start a design
  • How to utilize dimensioning, document settings and other tools to sketch efficiently
  • Basic part and feature creation, including Extrudes, Cuts and Revolves
  • Appearance and Material application
  • Multibody Part design
  • How to reuse Sketch Geometry
  • The Hole Wizard

I GET IT provides online learning solutions for engineering design and manufacturing topics. This will be the first of four webinars designed to help shows users the fundamental functions and features of SOLIDWORKS. The session will take portions from our full, in-depth SOLIDWORKS Essentials course to demonstrate using SOLIDWORKS. Additional webinars for Part 2-4 will follow in the coming weeks and will cover topics such as:

  • Part 2: Advanced Part Modeling
  • Part 3: Assembly & Subassembly Creation,
  • Part 4: Drawings & Detailing

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