What’s new in isight 2021

This is the last blog in “What’s New’ series and it talks about standalone ISight and multi disciplinary optimization role of 3D Experience which used to be SPI in 2020x and earlier releases. Before we proceed take a note regarding installation of ISight fix packs. The ISight fix packs are full refresh cumulative. That means if 2021xFP3 needs to be installed from scratch, user does not need to install 2021 GA first or any of previous fix packs. The 2021xFP3 will include GA and all previous fix packs.

  • New approximation technique:

New “universal kriging” approximation method was introduced in 3DExperience 2018xFD06 release. This has now been backported to ISight 2021 and existing “kriging” technique exist as well for backward compatibility.

  • User defined DOE method:

A new design of experiments technique called Python DOE allows users to develop their own DOE method in python language. User is required to implement a python routine that implements 3 functions: defineTechniqueOptions(), computenumberofExperiments() and generateDesignMatrix(). After choosing a DOE python routine, the algorithm specific technique options become available.

  • NLPQLP update:

The parallel batch size option has been added to this optimization scheme for parallel compute resources. Otherwise it is equivalent to ISight 2020.

  • Approximation Export:

Customers had a demand for access to full approximation summary so that user may assess the quality of approximation. A new summary file is available for export both in design and runtime gateway that include initialization data points, error analysis points, absolute residuals, absolute and normalized errors.

  • Customization script indicator:

When a component has a prologue or epilogue script, a visual indicator is displayed in the sim flow diagram to indicate presence of script. Now same kind of indicator is available for customization script as well that appears on top of component in sim-flow diagram.

  • Component release enhancements:

Abaqus component now support abaqus 6.14 through 2021. CATIA V5 component now support V5-6R 2019 through V5-6R 2021.

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