What is Accelerated Device from Dassault Systemes?

Dassault Systemes and Tata Technologies offer an Accelerated Device Solution for the High Tech Industry. But what makes it unique and powerful? The purpose of this blog is to deconstruct the components of the solution and explain how if addresses common business challenges faced by the High Tech industry.


Dassault Systemes targets 11 Industries for their technology offerings. One of the identified industries is High Tech.

The High Tech industry can be further divided into six segments. For more details on each segment, refer to the Dassault Systemes website at https://ifwe.3ds.com/high-tech

The six segments are shown below:

High Tech Segments

Challenges for the High Tech Industry

The High Tech Industry is unique in our modern economy, both from what is expected from the players and an expectation of ever improving products delivered in shorter time spans. It is at the center of the 21st century Renaissance. There are several drivers for the industry:

  • Everything always connected – requiring high levels of reliability
  • High-Tech pervasiveness and diversity – products can be found in many traditional industries
  • Affordability – consumers expect ever increasing value
  • Sustainability – products must be eco friendly
  • Adaptive Reconfigurable Value Network – global supply chains and partners are the norm
  • Intelligent, Secure, Integrated Systems – Everybody relies and depends on these systems

High Tech Manufacturers

The Accelerated Device solution of the High Tech portfolio is targeted at companies in the High Tech Industry who specifically design, engineer and manufacture complex physical products. Based on this qualification, Industry segments who most benefit from the solution are technology suppliers, consumer electronics, telecommunications & network and instrumentation.

These segments are subject to brutal business drivers:

  • A need to rapidly understand and anticipate industry and consumer trends
  • Keep-up with ultra-short product development cycles – there is a very high premium on being first to deliver new solutions
  • Leverage rapidly evolving technology, while master increasing product complexity
  • Drive high levels of innovation to as many customers as possible in a lean engineering environment

In this environment, an organization’s systems, processes and supporting technology must be robust and state of the art. Often this is not the case and companies rely on disconnected applications, silos of information and manual interventions for their design and engineering processes. Clearly, this situation leads to inefficiencies and results in errors, all of which prevent shorter product development cycles.

Accelerated Device Solution

So, how are the challenges addressed in an inefficient environment?

The Accelerated Device Solution from Tata Technologies and Dassault Systemes will answer this challenge. Below is a high level diagram of a typical product launch process employed by High Tech manufacturers:

The Innovation Spiral

The Accelerated Device Solution is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The “Platform” part of the solution is vital – because of the underlying backbone, all activities and solutions are seamlessly connected. This allows for collaboration across teams, the eradication of silos and a single source of product data across all disciplines. The inefficient environment that prevented agile product development is eliminated once and for all.

Each of the steps in the product launch process has specific solutions that address activities and roles vital for that step. Here are some examples:

Upstream Thinking

  • Social Collaboration & Ideation – a set of collaboration tools that all internal and external stakeholders to freely collaborate on ideas and concepts
  • Social Market Intelligence – compile dashboards to aggregate external information pertinent to products of interest and stay updated with live feeds

Product and Project Governance

  • Program Management & Analytics – plan and execute programs using familiar project management tools and analyze state of running projects via interactive dashboards
  • Collaborative Engineering Release – Change Management is a major problem for organizations. Ensure that this process is accurate and automatic

Design and Engineering

  • Device Electronics Engineering – Integrate electronic design tools such as Altium into the platform and have the data available to everyone
  • Device Mechanical Design – Integrate mechanical design tools into the platform
  • Software Continuous Delivery – Integrate your software development into the platform so that a complete product definition is available in one place
  • Requirement, Collaboration & Traceability – keep track of all requirements


  • Manufacturing Process Engineering – create a digital twin of your factory and use it to simulate manufacturing processes

Platform Infrastructure

The Accelerated Device Solution can be installed on traditional on-premises servers and infrastructure. However, it is also available on the cloud as a fully hosted SaaS solution. This approach offers significant cost and maintenance advantages, especially to start up and smaller companies.


In summary, Accelerated Device Solution from Tata Technologies and Dassault Systemes provides a complete and wholistic solution to High Tech companies that design and manufacture product. It overcomes many of the problems that prevent agility and speed in these organizations.

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