What is a ISE and IPE from Dassault Systemes?


Dassault Systemes offer the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform as their primary PLM and collaborative solution. The way this Platform is marketed, packaged and licensed is based on an industry approach. The definitions and packaging can be confusing to a new user; this article attempts to define the various terms and show how the 3DEXPERIENCE is licensed and utilized.

At a high level, the hierarchy of the offerings are summarized in the following diagram:

Each level is defined below

Target Industries

Dassault Systemes targets 11 Industries for their technology offerings

Each Industry has a series of Industry Solution Experiences (ISE) and Industry Process Experiences (IPE) defined.

Industry Solution Experience (ISE)

To better understand how an ISE is structured, here is an example using a Transportation & Mobility Industry solution

Global Modular Architecture is a solution for major automotive OEMs and their larger suppliers. It addresses the need to:

  • Develop smarter, connected, autonomous vehicles
  • Manage costs, ensure quality and meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide new customer experiences
  • Move from mass production to mass customization

Industry Process Experience (IPE)

All IPE solutions can be positioned in groups on a development curve. In the case of Global Modular Architecture, there are three groupings consisting of several IPE’s as shown below:

The complete list of Industry Process Experiences (IPE) that fall under the Extended Collaborative Process are as follows

  • Collaborative Planning, Execution and Analytics
  • Physical Product Architecture
  • Collaborative Enterprise Release
  • Continuous Product Development

As can be seen from the Experiences above, these would incorporate a team to achieve the complete process. For example, Collaborative Enterprise Release is all about releasing product definition to a manufacturing organization and the subsequent change management required to optimize the product. These activities would include various team members such as change mangers, engineers, designers, product managers etc.

Recognizing this naturally leads into the definition of Roles


A role is related to an actual person who has a specific set of responsibilities. The software bundled into a role is designed to allow that person to achieve their job responsibilities.

So, in the case of Collaborative Planning, Execution and Analytics, there are two roles associated with this ISP:

  • Project Manager – provides deliverables-based project management
  • Project Analyst – provides advanced project analytics

Roles are purchased by customers. ISE and ISP are not sell-able units.


Apps are the actual applications that a user (with a specific role) accesses to perform actions in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. A Role is a bundle of Apps.

So, in the case of the Project Manager role, it would have apps such as Project Management, Program Management etc. bundled together in the role


Hopefully this explanation provides some clarity on how Dassault Systemes markets and packages the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

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