Stamping Die Design in CATIA

Best in class stamping die design tool

Stamping Die design is complicated. Designers must juggle complex requirements such as draw direction, parting surface, folded features and progressive steps. Stamping simulation results must be incorporated. And lead times keep reducing

CATIA Stamping Die Designer, increases productivity by guiding users from the conceptual planning through to detailed tooling design of complex stamped sheet metal parts

Early concept method planning allows designers to anticipate manufacturing constraints and facilitate collaboration between design, tooling and the supply chain organizations. Easy to use specialist features and wizards guide the user in best practices, helping the tool designer work with and extend complex surfaces without having to be a surfacing expert

CATIA has a discipline-specific set of functions for the optimization of stamping direction, creation of addenda surfaces, trim lines and spring-back compensation, all with full associativity to the original part geometry. This ensures high quality die geometry and right-first –time tooling


  • High productivity with specialized wizard and features
  • Intuitive and process oriented
  • Facilitate design for manufacturing with early process engineering
  • Die face method planning
  • Conceptual die surface design to enable quick validation
  • Simplify and automate the tool compensation from simulation inputs
  • High quality surfaces for manufacturing


  • Best stamping direction selection with optimization
  • Quick (KPI) analysis of draft, depth and cutout
  • Define and easily modify the concept method planning (stamp process flow)
  • Specialized and global deformation features to manage spring-back & structural tool compensation process from simulation results
  • Unfold flange as trimline or surface
  • Addenda surface based on high quality surface extensions and profiles
  • Trim Line cut analysis with key indicators
  • Efficient assembly design with reusable mechanical components

What’s New

  • Concept wizard to design complete method plan.
  • Embedded draft/depth/cutting angle analysis in process wizard
  • Press Line positioning of geometries on custom press line.
  • In Car positioning of parts in design
  • Wall surface creation based on sketch of lines
  • High quality surface extensions G1, G2 or Hybrid G1/G2
  • Wizard for generative hole filling with solution selection and embedded quality checker
  • Trim line concept with automatic split of input part boundary

Return on Investment

  • Achieved time savings of 20% across the initial die design process.
  • Improved whole design process time by 50%
  • Reduced the time to incorporate changes from DAYS to hours

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