Digital Factory Benchmark – a structured approach to assessing your digital manufacturing strategy

Does your organization struggle launch a product into manufacturing? Do you have costly launch cycles that overrun both budget and time? If the answer is yes, you could benefit from a Digital Factory Benchmark.

The Digital Factory Benchmark assessment captures the opinions of senior and knowledgeable personnel in your organization on the current state and future Digital Factory requirements for your business. In addition, a priority for improvement and an assessment of current effectiveness is recorded. It centers on 17 key Digital Factory “Pillars” ranging from Factory as Built, through to Robotic programming. The pillars are listed below:

  1. Factory As-built
  2. Digital Factory
  3. MBOM
  4. Process Planning
  5. Assembly Simulation
  6. Work Instructions
  7. Ergonomics Task Definition
  8. Ergonomic Analysis
  9. Manufacturing time library
  10. Resource Modeling
  11. Production Line Simulation
  12. Materials flow
  13. Factory infrastructure optimization
  14. Robotic offline programming
  15. Robotic Simulation
  16. Robotic Arc Welding
  17. Robotic Spot Welding

After the 17 pillars have been covered, senior and knowledgeable personnel are also invited to “spend” an assumed benefit in value areas within your business. The areas identified are improving time to market, increasing the portfolio of the company and improving product quality.

Finally, the tool produces a comprehensive report showing the customer’s current state of maturity and a benchmark comparison with the industry.

Participants have found this process to be very useful as it allows them to prioritize their initiatives, gives a high-level view of their roadmap to success and provides them with industry benchmark information.

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