SIMULIA Extended Tokens: Products and Licensing

Our SIMULIA user community has been using the conventional analysis and portfolio tokens for a while now. These tokens are primarily used to access the Abaqus CAE pre-processor, Abaqus solver, and the Abaqus viewer. The analysis configuration offers Abaqus solver licenses in the form of tokens, and Abaqus CAE as well as Abaqus viewer as interactive seats. The portfolio configuration offers all three components of Abaqus, i.e. the solver itself, Abaqus CAE as well as Abaqus viewer as tokens.

                                                                                                                                                      IS SIMULIA = only ABAQUS!

The new equation has been EXTENDED

                                                                                                                                   SIMULIA = ABAQUS + ISIGHT + TOSCA + FESAFE

The overall simulation offerings from Dassault Systèmes go way beyond Abaqus finite element simulations. The functionalities now include process automation, parametric optimizations, topology optimization, fatigue estimation, and many more. And starting from Abaqus release 6.13-2, all these additional capabilities are included in a single licensing scheme called extended tokens. Here is an overview of these additional SIMULIA products.extended-products


ISight is an open desktop solution for creating flexible simulation process flows, consisting of a variety of applications, to automate the exploration of design alternatives, identify optimal performance parameters, and integrate added-value systems. The simulation process flows created from ISight can include multiple third party simulation components such as Ansys, LS-DYNA, Nastran, Mathcad as well as general purpose components such as Matlab, excel, calculator, and many more. It offers advanced parametric optimization, Design of experiments and Six Sigma techniques. Moreover, the vast amount of Simulation output data generated by such techniques can be managed effectively using the post processing runtime gateways of ISight. It’s rightly called a Simulation Robot.




Tosca is a general purpose optimization solution for designing high performance light weighted structures. As fuel economy continues to be the most important design factor in the transportation and aviation industries, designing lightweighted components and assemblies will remain a top priority, and Tosca can really help to achieve those objectives. The functionalities of Tosca can further be classified as Tosca topology optimization, shape optimization, size optimization, bead optimization, and fluids optimization. It can communicate with multiple FEA tools such as Abaqus, Ansys as well as Nastran. It also offers multiple pre-processing options such as Abaqus CAE, Ansys workbench, ANSA plug-in as well as its own form based graphical user interface.  If your industry is one of the many that is increasingly focused on lightweighting through material reduction, Tosca structure capabilities may be exactly what you are looking for. Tosca fluid is the answer if your interest lies in optimizing fluid flow.




fe-safe is the technical leader in fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models and is capable of meeting its users’ most demanding applications. It directly interfaces to all leading FEA suites and is used by leading companies in the transport and mobility, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing, power generation, marine and offshore industries worldwide to determine fatigue life and optimize designs. fe-safe is renowned for its accuracy, speed and ease of use. Fe-safe offers further specialized modules for fatigue estimation of unique materials such as rubbers, composites, cast iron and many more. Fe-safe also offers specialized weld fatigue modules.



How many extended tokens are needed to use one or more of these products?

The answer varies on a case by case basis, but the upper bound and lower bounds can be quantified as follows. These numbers do not include the FEA solver token consumption that is used with any of these products.


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