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How to Use Draft Analysis Command for Plastic Molds in SOLIDWORKS

Another Tech-Tip from our i GET IT Subject Matter Expert on the use of the Draft Analysis command in SOLIDWORKS. The Draft Analysis command allows you to see if a model contains the required draft geometry to reliably eject from its mold. This Tech-Tip is from our latest i GET IT course on Mold Design Training Courses for SOLIDWORKS – i GET IT.

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How to Place a 3D Annotation Note Inside a Box in PTC Creo

In this i GET IT Tech Tip, we will show you how to place a 3D Annotation Note inside a box.

This methodology will create a note containing a digit inside a box and then by referring to that digit i.e. the Note Number, we will place additional long text which will explain about what actions are supposed to take place at the locations shown with the notes.

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